Are you paying too much for your website? Are the monthly costs of your website killing you? Do you have to keep paying for every tiny change your web design professional makes? How about a 2 year deal with no more to pay (includes small changes, maintenance, hosting, security concept and domain name). Is it time for a cheap website which can do just as much for your business? Affordable websites created by a professional rural South East Queensland based web design business.

The cheap websites we create cost around 30% of what our competitors quote in Brisbane and South East QLD. It’s as simple as that.

Our Best Selling Cheap Website Deal – BUY NOW

By far the most popular Cheap Website deal is offered at $500 for 2 years which is a Big Deal for small businesses and individuals, clubs, online retailers and many more.

This website deal comes with FREE SSL security to protect your customer data. This “Big Deal Offer” contains all design elements you want and need to start your website, it will be designed until you are happy with it and comes with one functionality of your choice (for example an online e-commerce store website). In comparison with other website providers you will find that the offerings from are four to ten times cheaper than the competition! You will not find a cheaper website created by a professional web designer anywhere in South East Queensland.

You may have more Complex Website Needs than covered through this cheap Website Deal. We can accommodate any website needs you have. Check out the $750 Complex Option Website Deal adding more functionality to your project or the $1,000 Professional Choice Website with multiple functionalities. If neither is for you we are happy to provide you with a custom quote.

About the Big Deal Cheap Website

  • Professionally Designed Website
  • Created by an Experienced Web Designer based in Queensland
  • Hosted in a 24/7 managed Server Center based in Australia
  • Inclusive of a Domain Name of your choice
  • Your website will look the way you want it to look, it will be worked on until you approve
  • Your website comes with a functionality of your choice (for example an e-commerce store a blog, a newsletter function or the like)
  • You will receive your own administrative login to your website allowing you to make changes (many companies make lots of money by charging you for every small change you ask for. Change it for free yourself)
  • Your website will be fully responsive adapting to all size devices, from mobile phones to computer screens allowing all types of customers to view a perfect site
  • Your website will be secured with Free SSL bringing better security for customer data so customers are more secure in adding their payment information or the like
  • Your website will be set up within one week of receipt of payment (and receipt of your content of course!)
  • Your cheap website will have as many pages as you can provide content for
  • Inclusive is also the integration of your Facebook or other social media sites
  • We will work with, adapt and amend all photos and logos and visual art you can provide to create the best outcome for your website. If you cannot, we will use our own visual art collection to create the web design elements needed
  • The cheap website offer includes a basic free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service

Amazing $500 Cheap Website Value

  • $500 includes not just the design, both hosting and a domain name are included as well
  • There is no extra ongoing cost for hosting, it is included
  • Small changes like you address, phone number or text changes are always free. For larger changes any future amendments to the design or anything else (after the setting up phase) will be quoted or charged per hour. Remember – you can change text for free any time and administrate functions like online shops for free. Costs will only occur if you want the website itself changed
We sell our Cheap Website Deals in South East Queensland, in Brisbane and to all of the Australian market. The cheapest websites in QLD. What used to cost thousands of $$ can these days be had for a few hundred dollars. The best part is that the quality of your cheap website is the same as one which you can still buy for a lot of money.

The main difference between such offerings or the $500 Cheap Website deal you can buy right here is no longer in the scope of its functionalities but the organisation delivering the project. At Cheap Website we are sole traders and qualified Web Designers working from our home offices. What we do not have is a call center and 24/7 support with lots of staff and offices and meetings of managers. However this is not visible on your online presence nor will you feel it in your service experience. Your cheap website looks just as professional and impressive as if you paid a large organisation with offices and christmas closures.

The big advantage of having even a simple website is that small business can look very professional. While facebook may be important to your business it cannot help with building a professional image. At Cheap Website we work with WordPress to create highly professional cheap websites keeping them functional and good looking. In 2019 over 30% of the top 1 million websites on the internet were WordPress websites. Which means that all of those expensive websites you can buy are created with WordPress too… why waste your money?

Directing Customer Inquiries on your Cheap Website

It is your choice to suit your own practice whether the visitor to your website is directed to place a call to you or whether you want them to contact you by email or contact form right on your business website. Let us make sure your contact choices match your daily habits, you will loose potential leads if you provide an opportunity for customers to ask for a quote by email – and you only check those emails every couple of days. If that is your habit let us make sure you receive calls or notifications to your phone. Nobody likes waiting and generally nobody does. A functioning, clear communication concept to your customer is the most important part for your online presence. It is one thing to look professional with your new website. It actually is professional to be available when business comes knocking.

Whatever your choice of communication concept is, I will set it up for you and we will test its functionality together.  Done right once you can forget it and just let it work for you. The same is true for the way your website looks, all my business websites come with a guarantee to be designed until you like the look and feel of it. Unless you give me specific instructions to the look and feel you imagined I will simply have a go and make a draft design upon which you will tell me where to develop the layout to from there. If you have a physical location open to customers I will of course implement a map to find you easily and make sure your opening hours are advertised prominently. What are the questions you are being asked all the time? If you have a list of what is keeping you busy answering over and over every day – it might just be the right idea to include the answers to those questions on your new website.

Cheap Websites for the Online Business Startup

Are you about to start your own online business and looking around for the best options? There is a lot of misinformation out there trying to take your money before you even get started. Don’t get drawn in by the multitude of “businesses for sale” for a lot of money. A cheap website will do just fine to start with and I will explain why. As always in life if things are too good to be true – they are. A lot of what is called a business for sale is really just a domain name and a newly set up website with all the best wishes for your success. Available for thousands of $$. A few things to remember:

  • Paying for an excellent domain name does not mean you are paying for an established business. It will still have to be established in the marketplace before it returns any money on the investment
  • If the business they are selling you is making so much money – then why are they selling it to you? Is it not fair to assume that if they made more money by keeping the website then by selling it to you that would be their chosen path?
  • To avoid all frustration, if anyone is selling you a “business” rather than webdesign services insist on verifiable business data. You want to see their accounts and figures as is common practice if you bought any other business. Confirm these business numbers with visitor statistics to the website, assume no more than 1 sale for every 100 visits

And yet there is another far more convincing reason for starting from scratch. If you buy an expensive “business” rather than a cheap website like the one you can get here (for $500 including your online sales platform!) you are buying into an idea which was not yours. Your business will succeed because you are passionate about it. Buying an online wax candle store does not make you passionate about wax candles and you will not succeed.

If you are serious about becoming an online entrepreneur you will choose a business area suited to your interests. Products will sell because you have value to add which is information. You will find customers because you know your product, because it makes sense to you. Therefore, forget about the awesome sounding domain name with huge business volume you can buy for $20,000 and instead commit to a real business and put your money into advertising and generating sales rather than somebody else’s pockets.
We continue to find that in most cases the very basic cheap website deal we offer is sufficient for the startup online business. It gives you the freedom to create what you need and provides massive functionality through your own back end log in. 24/7 you can access your shop, create new products, add text and more – everything you need for your own particular online strategy.

Being experienced web designers ourselves we are happy to help out by pointing you in the right direction. We offer extra services like doing SEO for you but if you seriously want to get into it you want to do the hard yards yourself rather than paying somebody to do it. Thinking that all of this is already done simply because you pay a large sum of money for a website they call an established business is not always true.

The logical pragmatic way we recommend for any online business startup is to start small and scale the webdesign services needed. As you see we sell website packages with higher level functions at higher costs. This can be added any time you need them and a custom quote is available when you need it. Gain some experience first, do the basics, establish a small business and grow with it. As you start doing business the real needs you have will become apparent and the cool things you were willing to pay for suddenly appear of no concern. Best of luck and the cheap website team is looking forward to helping you get started!

Make Your Business Website do the Work

Do you need a website to represent your business? Do you think of a website as an online business card? For a long time an online business card is all you could get for small dollars and it was fine for a while, it still is fine if that is all you want. These days however you can have a cheap website which will actually do some work for you and bring customer functionalities, it can do real administrative work the small business owner often does himself on top of looking after clients and doing what you love best. Make sure you ask your web designer as to what it is that your website can do for you. The possibilities are endless, the deciding factor is your need. Make the right choices so your workload becomes lighter and your efficiency increases. Let us look at this very website you are looking at right now to give you an example of an implementation fully aimed at supporting a business workflow.

This website is an example of what we can sell you as a $500 cheap website deal. We kept it simple and aim to look professional and visually appealing telling the potential customer that yes we can create fine looking websites while at the same time allowing a lot of space for text elements. Beyond that we wanted a simple online store to sell the cheap website options including the sending out of professional looking invoices with every order without us having to write those or the customer having to wait for them.

We really don’t like doing admin things like writing invoices and so we don’t. We created only one invoice template and make it look the way we need it and give it a numbering concept – set up the basics. And now, every time a new customer orders one of our cheap websites he magically receives a perfect looking invoice with all the details for payment and accounting. We receive a notification in our email inbox telling us to start creating a website. This is bringing a documented consistency to our invoicing process without any filing and archiving on our part. All invoices are automatically produced and stored in one place even providing us with clear sales performance overviews.

In this manner we want to find those simple processes for our clients which a cheap website can do for you while all you do is supervise the process. This is really just an example of what a basic website can do for you. For a little more money there is a lot more that is possible. What is it that you want your website to do? Do you want it to be your accounting software and not just produce invoices but do all of the accounting for you on top of it? It may save you buying a separate accounting software. We can only guess as to what exactly your specific needs are but you name it and we have it. Let the cheap website team know what business process you want to automate and we will find the right solutions for you to choose from.

Set up and run an E-commerce online store

A function like an online store is included even with the cheapest website deal for only $500. Running an online store means a lot of things to many people depending on what your product is or who your target market is. Upon buying one of our business websites we will match you with the store solution which makes best sense for your circumstances. The options are almost limitless and if you have a preferred shop module in mind let us know.

It is important to choose the right solution for its functionality to support your business model but also your website to workflow processes. A successful setup will integrate neatly with your existing efforts in book keeping, tax records and more. If you are new starting up an online business and thinking about how to do everything we recommend to start off with your e-commerce solution as a central starting point for everything you do will evolve around your online store. The cheap website team will be happy to set up a few shop solutions for testing until we find the right one. We will install one for you, you enter a few products and see how well the software works for you. Then you let us know about all the functions you hoped your online store would have but does not. The next store solution is only an installation away and with your feedback we find the right one for you before we finalize your website. It is easier sometimes to just try a solution and develop a feel for the options rather than defining your requirements up front.

Managing an online shop can be work intensive for the shop owner depending on how many products you sell, the promotions you run and the marketing activity you do. You need to stay on top of stock availability, incoming orders and more. Writing text to support your sales in your shop is just as important (actually we argue it is far more important) and equally time consuming. Don’t neglect the content of your website if you are starting an online shop. With all the time and work you invest into it, sometimes one forgets that it is the websites content which will be found by search engines and potential customers. Once your website is up and running and you are managing your shop we advise anyone who is serious about getting started to write new content on your website not just on a regular basis but every day. Spend as much time on writing relevant text as you do running your shop.

Cheap Website for Market Stall Holders

Are you a market stall holder earning your income by visiting markets and selling your product? A website can be an important part of your business, to help you advertise your product while you are not attending a market, making sales through your website and simply letting your customers know where you will be next. The cheap website team has been specializing in solutions for you.

Using our cheap website options we have tailored websites for market stall holders to suit their customer engagement strategy. For example we have produced an online store for a permaculture plant market stall holder. Now this stallholder hands out notes on how to grow the particular plant he sells. A simple link pointing back to the online store where all the growing notes are kept makes it possible for happy customers to pass on specific product links to friends or look them up later as they have a question about the plant they bought. In this case we have integrated a QR code concept for each product the market stall holder sells. During market days he displays the product tag with the prices  together with the product specific QR code. Customers simply get out their phone and scan the code and already are on his website. This is a simple way of generating extra sales from your market day attendance. How many times where you told that somebody will buy next time? Now you can simply point them to your online store. Make the most of your market day presence, use your website to advertise where you will be next and what specials you have. Or run a newsletter to which potential customers subscribe to receive news about your offerings. Selling at markets you can have a great day and then the next you wonder why you bothered attending.  Being able to promote your shop which is always open for business adds another crucial sales avenue to your toolbox and even bad market days can lead to business a few days down the road. Don’t miss out and don’t spend a fortune on your online presence, all you need is one of our cheap websites.

Cheap Website for New Business Start Ups

Are you just getting started with your new business? Nothing is more exciting than running your own business! Having started several businesses ourselves we understand the startup situation and have several solid cheap website options for start ups. Beyond just having a website we will make sure you get a good understanding of the components you need to be aware of for our cheap websites to best support and enable your start up business. If you want to get most out of your online presence, get in touch today to discuss your option.

Payment Gateways Included with your Cheap Website

Any and all Payment gateways you ever heard of – if you want them they are included with your cheap website option. Let us discuss your needs and implement the best payment gateway option for your online presence.

How is it possible to provide such a Cheap Website?

We get asked how it is possible to provide a $500 website with any functionality at all. People are used to getting quotes from web designers ranging in the thousands of dollars. For starters we have a good wholesale arrangement for sourcing both domain names and hosting keeping these costs to a minimum. The main cost to any website just like most other things you can buy is labor, the work done for you. We can sell you a cheap website because we have a lot of experience and therefore get them done efficiently. Everybody has to get paid for their time so obviously we cannot spend a week on producing a $500 website. By using the right tools and the right processes we achieve the efficiency needed in our work to keep prices low for you. In addition, the principle for all the functionalities we will produce for you is that you become the administrator of said functionality. If you just want a website that represents you and is an online business card for you – that does not apply, you need to do nothing much. However if for example you want us to set up a newsletter function for you which lets potential customers subscribe to it through your website you will have to do the jobs. We will set it up of course, then explain it to you and we test it together until you are happy. And then you work it. You produce the latest newsletter writing it and defining what it looks like by using the back end admin function – right on your own domain. You manage the list and all functions it has with the simple tools available. You don’t need to call us to do any of these things, but if you continue to do so, eventually we will have to talk about charging you for support hours we spend.

Therefore, if you are evaluating whether this is the right deal for you ask yourself how much of our time you are going to need. We am not talking about webdesign but support to get you started. Are you computer literate? Can you set up a new email service and link it to your outlook on your laptop? Have you used simple data entry software before? If your answer is no then you will probably struggle running your online store. If you want us to be the administrator of your online store activating and managing every single one of your products, putting them on sale when you run a sale or putting them on hold because you are out of stock – we can do it but we will send you a custom quote as it will not be as part of a cheap website deal. Our website packages are built to set you free in terms of being able to fully control it yourself without incurring exactly extra costs with your web designer. Most people who can use things like online banking and facebook or do their taxes online will be perfectly fine using this solution. If however you do not have such knowledge and you still want to get started please ask the cheap website team for a custom quote so we can put together a more assisted approach which will over time and eventually teach you everything you know to work on your own.

We ask you to please be realistic and fair in your expectation when buying our extremely cheap websites and do not hesitate to ask us for the true costs of what you have in mind before we get started. We are happy to sell you a support hours package together with your website deal to cover more advanced support needs in running your content and functions. This being said 99% of all customers we deal with have no problem at all using the back end administration login and its functions.

All Cheap Website offerings are Fully Responsive

No matter which one of our cheap website offers you decide to purchase they are all created to be fully responsive to all device sizes.  The question of having a responsive website has really come into existence with the ascent of the use of mobile devices to surf the internet. Due to the high and still increasing volume of data used by mobile users website owners can no longer ignore the question of responsive websites. Here some of the specific features of a responsive web design layout:

  • Images automatically resize to fit the display they are viewed on, adapting to page dimensions and background
  • Responsive websites have mobile specific menu features. You can see this as the screen resizes down the menu available goes from the traditional website displayed menu type to touch screen interfacing
  • The website reorganizes its elements and the positioning of functions in order to make it user friendly on smaller screen sizes

Since 2015 search engines have implemented new search standards which disadvantage your website in search results delivered to mobile devices if your online presence is not able to deliver mobile friendly viewing. Is your current website mobile friendly? Test it on your own phone or tablet, see how it comes up. It may not be absolutely perfect but can it be used with a mobile device? If the answer is no, it is definitely time to upgrade with one of our website options which are perfectly designed to avoid any such issues. It is simply no longer an option to ignore the question of having a responsive website and as you can see there is no need to pay a lot of extra money to get one, even a cheap website can be fully responsive and assure you do not loose any visitors to your domain which could have brought you more business.

Our Cheap Websites on Your Server

We can work on your server of course however all of our website offerings include hosting on a professional server and also include a domain name. If you want us to work on your own server we will have to look at the available server environment and provide you a custom quote. The reason we can work competitively is because we have standardized the server environment we use to make it very time efficient. Using a third party server means we have to spend more time on things which are already set up and ready to go on our own server and we would be resolving issues which we have already resolved. We find that we spend twice the time putting together a website on a server unknown to us. If we have to spend twice as much time on creating a website the price will have to be double. It may sound strange but our websites are sold at a lower price with hosting then without.

Do you already have a domain name? Not a problem, ideally we simply transfer it to our provider so it can be linked with the server environment we use with all functionalities available. This transfer process will not cost you anything extra, it is included in all of our website package prices and the domain name of course remains in your name at all times. Alternatively you keep your own domain account and we give you the domain name servers for you to point it at and you take care of the DNS entry changes.

How long will it take until my new Cheap Website is created?

Once payment for your chosen option has been received web design begins immediately. Except for more complex projects for which we would discuss delivery time lines in the quotation process your website will be online very quickly, first a draft version for you to review and eventually approve. Generally the process takes about a week until you can take over your online presence. The time frame to deliver a website depends on you providing the required information, from text to photographs, brochures and logos you wish to see used. If your website need is particularly urgent let us know and you could be online within as little as 24 hours. If you have such an urgent need, please contact us before purchasing one of our cheap website options to make sure we are available to deliver it quickly as may already be busy realizing another web design project.

Cheap Website Best Deal Pricing for 2 years

Make sure you do the numbers right when comparing cheap website deals on offer. It used to be industry standard to sell business websites – all websites really – for a period of 2 years. Recently however domain name registrations increasingly offer one year options and web designers are starting to put out one year deals. As you compare pricing, take into account for how long the website service runs that you are purchasing and how much exactly the total cost is to you. All of our cheap website deals are best priced for a 2 year period,  including the domain of your choice, designed to your liking and fully hosted for the duration. If you prefer to pay annual fees, we have now introduced annual options upon checkout you can adjust the pricing option to one year but most of our business website customers are happy not to have to deal with renewing their website on an annual basis. 2 years in our view is a good time frame to run a website before considering a major overhaul to bring it up to date and match emerging industry standards.