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Cheap Website Design Services Tailored for You

We are rural Queenland based web designers with over a decade of experience in designing and maintaining online presences. Certified Web Designers specialized in working with WordPress.

Thanks to WordPress a project which used to take weeks or months can be delivered with the same complexity in a matter of days. While we use all the automated and ready to go functionalities available to be able to sell cheap website options with high functionality we still have the old school knowledge of programming from scratch.

Tell the cheap website team about your needs, what is it that you want your website to achieve? We have three standard website options for sale as presented here each one with increasing complexity. We are however very happy to quote any kind of web design, domain name and hosting solution you may want. All our websites come with the highest possible level of self-administration. This means any function you ask for – you will be presented with potential solutions to choose from, all of which will make you the administrator. You will have your own back-end login right on your own domain where you can update your content. For example if you buy a web shop, you will be able to manage your own products, orders, all of it without ever having to talk to us.

It would not be possible to offer you any kind of cheap website if we were to be the administrators of your shop or your newsletter or the bookings you take. It would also be rather frustrating needing your web designer for every tiny change to your website. And it would be expensive for we would have to charge for the hours we work. This is why cheap website have opted for the integrated wordpress solution which allows us to present you with out of the box back end administration for any solution you can ask for.

All our websites come with a free SSL certificate. This assures that any customer data you will ever collect through your website is secured. However if you need a fully dedicated SSL certificate for your specific domain we can sell you those as well upon request. We am using the free open certificate SSL option to be able to provide it as part of my cheap website offering. Dedicated SSL certificates start at $100 per year depending on your chosen option.

Every one of our websites comes with a Free basic standard of Search Engine Optimisation. Learn about these included details here. They cover the basic standard making sure the important stuff is not forgotten. You may however wish to purchase a more advanced form of SEO with your cheap website you buy from us. If that is the case, let us talk about the options and we will put together a quote specific to your needs.

The success of any website is mainly down to it containing text, unique text about what it is that you do or sell. A good looking, well designed website will be appreciated by the visitor once he gets to your website, but what brings the visitor is text. Search engines which find your website by evaluating your text. The more you have the better, if you have nothing to say you will not be found and not sell anything, it does not matter whether you buy an expensive or a cheap website. It will be your expertise, your input which makes all the difference in terms of the commercial success of your website. Many websites are simply an online business card, somewhere you can refer potential clients to, an opportunity to look professional. This is excellent and useful, however if you want your website to become a means of generating business it will all be about text.

With all the websites we offer for sale there is no limit on text content. Ideally you have an understanding what you want to be found for by search engines and the cheap website team will help you to create a relevant key word concept. This is a fancy word for saying that you make sure your text on your website contains a useful number of repeats of your keyword for which you want to be found for. If you want to be selling “red shoes” they need to be mentioned repeatedly throughout multiple pages and text elements.

Are you a small business owner wanting your business presented in a professional manner yet you don’t want to pay thousands? Our cheap website option is perfect for you. It looks like a million bucks but costs very little. Maybe your current website is not exactly satisfactory, looking old and stale? Let the cheap website team know there is thousands of options to choose from to make your website look contemporary and ready for business.