This cheap website option is equipped with two functionalities, at $750 for 2 years it is meant for a more complex online presence. A functionality is for example a web shop,  newsletter function,  an interactive calendar, a team sharing and cooperation platform,  a calendar or similar. Ask Us About your specific requirements if you are unsure, the options are many and custom quotes are available for any website project.

Your Business Website Online In No Time – BUY NOW

  • A Professionally Designed Website made in Brisbane
  • Cheap Website Created by Experienced Web Designers based in Queensland
  • Professionally Hosted in a 24/7 managed Server Center based in Australia
  • Comes inclusive of a Domain Name of your choice
  • Your cheap website will look the way you want it to look, it will be worked on until you approve of its appearance
  • Your website comes with two functionalities of your choice (for example an e-commerce store a blog, a newsletter function or the like)
  • You will receive your own administrative login to your website allowing you to make changes (many companies make their $$ here by charging you for every small change you ask for. Change it for free at any time yourself)
  • Your website will be fully mobile responsive adapting to all size devices, from mobile phones to computer screens allowing all types of customers to view a perfect site
  • Your website will be secured with Free SSL bringing better security for customer data so customers are more secure in adding their payment information or the like (dedicated SSL Certificates are available on request and upon quotation)
  • Your website will gnerally be set up within one week of receipt of payment (and your content of course!)
  • Your cheap website will have as many pages as you can provide content for
  • Inclusive of your cheap website is also the integration of your Facebook or other social media sites
  • Our Team will work with, adapt and amend all photos and logos and visual art you can provide to create the best outcome for your website. If you cannot, I will use my own visual art collection to create the web design elements needed
  • This cheap website offer includes a basic free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service

$750 Cheap Website Value Offer – BUY NOW

  • $750 for 2 years includes web design, hosting, SSL and basic SEO and a domain name
  • There is no extra cost for hosting
  • Small changes like you address, phone number or text changes are always free. For larger changes any future amendments to the design or anything else (after the setting up phase) will be quoted or charged per hour. Remember – you can change text for free any time and administrate functions like online shops for free. Costs will only occur if you want the website itself changed
Consider additional SEO Service Package Options when purchasing your Cheap Website – although a basic standard SEO Service submitting your domain to all major search engines and adding an on site keyword concept is included much more can be done. We will tailor the SEO activities to your requirements. This can involve creating addtional keyword text, setting your website up with google webmaster console implementing all the google side SEO steps like integration with adwords campains.

Cheap Websites for Small Business and Tradies

This is to help Small Business customers to evaluate what they need. If all you are after is a professional representation of your business online this can definitely be done with the $500 cheap website offer available. This is also true if you need a functionality like a newsletter your customers can subscribe to. If you have more complex needs, for example you want to run an online store plus have a newsletter functionality or something else then the Deal you are looking at is the best for you. Two separate functions are included in this $750 website deal.

You are probably seeing quotes in the thousands of dollars for similar complexity projects but you can get value for your money. All business websites we create are not only highly customized to your needs but they work because we only use established solutions which continue to be improved by their development teams. Rather than creating costly solutions from scratch which have their teething issues and programming errors you will receive professional out of the box solutions which will run smoothly the first time and every time. Plus you will receive a professional grade administrator login in to your business website which allows you to handle these functions and content 24/7.

What is it that you need to enable your business? Let the cheap website team know what it is that you are looking for in a website and I will present you with options to choose from. Our business websites are secured with SSL to make your customer secure in sharing his data on your website.

Some business owners struggle with providing sufficient relevant text for their website. Unfortunately text is crucial to the success of your website, its visibility to search engines and the visitors. There is nothing worse to represent you but an empty page. We offer an extra service to write text if need be and upon quotation this is not included in this deal. First you will have to provide some basic text you want to have on your website. Then what we generally do is we start by producing text on the subject matter of your website. Creating text for your business website is about using agreed upon keywords throughout the content. These will help bring customers to your website. However the text itself has to be unique and relevant. Cheap Website can sell you the writing service but it will not be without your review and participation else it is not possible to produce useful content. Let us know if you want the text writing service quoted for your website project. The goal either way has to be to produce content which is useful to your customers.

Cheap Websites for Weddings and Events

Are you running an event in the near future, maybe a community event? Do you need forms to sign up market stall holders or participants? Are you collecting paper based consent forms of any kind? A website can do all this online for you all of its forms are completely online and kept in a central place. Never loose a form again and make it easier for all involved by cutting out the paperwork. Anyone who can use Facebook can fill in one of those forms. Let us know what it is that will support your event that a website can do. You would be surprised by the variety of functions which can be implemented.

Are you looking for a website to support organisation of your upcoming wedding? This $750 cheap website option is an excellent way to provide you with the functionality and visibility you need. Make your wedding website do a lot of the administrative tasks for you rather than having to put everything down on paper. Functions which can be used for a wedding website are for example:

  • Wish Lists and wedding gift registry on your website
  • An interactive image gallery on your website
  • RSVP register, invite and register guests online
  • Sending out of professional looking invitations by email

What is it that you need for your wedding website to be a success? If you don’t need as many functions for example just a gallery we recommend buying the $500 cheap website deal.

Websites for Artists

Our web design package deals are perfect for the emerging artist. Showcase your art and sell it directly, combine an e-commerce platform with the visual presentation of your art online without blowing your budget. Use your website to engage with your audience, to create an active following by using interactive tools. Art websites and artist specific websites have changed the way art is sold. Once upon a time art was discovered by galleries and shown in physical locations. Of course this is still true, but today art is discovered first hand by individuals surfing the net and the online sales proportion of art is on the increase. The barriers the art gallery tried to tear down between the artist and the masses no longer exist. With a properly set up artist website your work can be found by anyone and easily shared across social media potentially achieving a level of recognition unheard of. These days if you are an artist you simply have to harness the potential of the internet.

Having a social media presence is a good start but it is simply impossible to build your own brand, to present your art professionally using the same layout half a billion other users look at. You really need a good looking website. When thinking about the look of your artist website don’t forget that it is your place for marketing and selling your creations online. Your website has to make it easy for those taking an interest in your art to stay connected. One way to achieve this is by implementing a seamless integration with your social media sites, another is to implement a mailing list sign up on your artist website. Producing a regular newsletter is an excellent way to stay in touch and to bring attention to your new work to potential customers. In most cases people buying art already know the artist and their work. Simply providing website visitors with a chance to give you their email address can be a most powerful selling strategy for an artist.

As part of our $750 cheap website deal we can equip an artist with advanced website functionalities where you can manage your own online arts gallery, add art and descriptions as often as you like, change the content thereof, an option to produce newsletters anytime you wish and of course to sell your art and handle any payment form you choose. All of it organised from your self managed online login which you can access anytime you wish. Are you still calling your web designer every time you want a new photo uploaded? Take full control of your website and its content.

Cheap Websites for Mobile Businesses

Is your business mobile? If your place of business is on the road and you do not have a physical location you do business from it is even more important to be represented online to be found easily and anytime. Except for your vehicle and yourself this is going to be your only chance at looking professional and engage more customers. Your online presence is going to be an important point of call for your customers, to find your phone number or to send you a message. We suggest for a mobile business to add more customer functionality to your website to make it an effective point of business for your enterprise.

Beyond simple contact forms of course you can manage bookings through your website. If you make your website your place where you keep all your appointments under control then you can let any customer book your time viewing your calendar availability. You let the cheap website team know exactly what type of booking or engagement process you want handled through your website and we will set it up to match your need. Since you are a mobile business things will be set up so you can manage booking requests or inquiries directly from your mobile phone.  Automate and professionalize your communication, for example approve a booking with one touch and a formal confirmation email is sent to your client. Expand on the booking concept and integrate invoicing as well.

If you have been in business for a while you have happy customers and their word is what sells your service best. Have you thought of having an interactive place on your business website for customer feedback and the recording of testimonials? Let us set up your website so you can yourself manage and approve incoming customer testimonials which will add to your online marketing effort and spread the word of what it is that you do well. Nothing is more powerful than customer testimonials. Often it is only when reading customer testimonials on a handyman’s website that we start to understand exactly what kind of specific services he can bring. Therefore do not forget your own testimonial, make it a habit of writing a summary of a particular job for other customers to see and even send a message to the particular customer asking him to comment on your own testimonial. Describing various actual jobs done can be a very powerful tool to find more business.

What exactly are the requirements your mobile business has for its website? The Cheap Website team is happy to help you evaluate the best packages for your website needs.