Inclusive of every cheap website purchased by one of our customers we do some very basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We sell extra SEO Packages both to get your website started as well as SEO on an ongoing bases. Here the Free and included SEO aspects.
  • We will implement a simple key word concept for you. We will define the key words together. For example your website sells nappies, the key words are “cheap nappies” which is hopefully going to be the key word through which your future customers will find your site. Your key words will be implemented in the meta tag coding of your website for search engines to find as well as incorporated in the text you provide to increase search engine relevance. We are happy to use your existing Keyword Concept or create one for you working together
  • Your domain name will be submitted to all major search engines (google, bing, yahoo, AOL, Duck Duck Go, and many more). This means that those search engines will (eventually, this is not immediate) know your domain and start displaying it in relevant search results.
  • Your domain will be submitted to 5 relevant directories which we will choose pending on your website content. This is done to create back links and increase visibility of your website. Strong performing services like Active Search Results are used.

There is many more things which can be done in terms of SEO to improve your ranking and visibility to potential customers. If you want a specific range of SEO activites we will be happy to quote a package or maybe one of our standard packages covers your needs. There is many things you can do yourself to promote your website, create back links from other domain names is great, creating new text on a regular bases is the main goal. Whatever your website is about – obviously you know a lot about what you are advertising. An effective way is to participate in Blogs relevant to your content and add value by helping people and promote your link in your posts as you do so.

What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or Search Engine Optiomization is marketing with the goal to grow the visibility of your website in search engine results without paying for them. This is called organic traffic, the traffic you did not pay for to visit your website like you do with google ads or the like. Obviously the better SEO is implemented on your domain the more traffic you receive and the less money you need to spend on advertising. Search Engine Optimization is both done on your website by implementing a keyword concept and it is done by creating links from other websites linking to yours. SEO is also about creating a website structure with which search engines can deal with.

SEO for a Business Website

For starters there is no ultimate truth about how to handle SEO for your website. Whether you spend a lot of money or have a cheap website is often of not much consequence. Remember why Search Engine Optimisation for websites even exists. The search engines are looking for ways to identify your website and compare it to others. It is therefore in the hands of the search engines on how to view your website on how to rank it.

A common mistake amongst new website owners is getting too excited about SEO and using multiple services to do the same. The very first basic step is to register your domain name with search engines directly like google and all the others. There are literally 10,000 services offering to do this for you, just add your domain name and they will go off and submit your website to all the relevant search engines. The problem occurs when you do this with multiple services. If you spend a few hours going through your first time motions of promoting your domain name you will be tempted to do just that. When you purchase one of our cheap websites we will take care of this step for you, we will do it just once. If you wish to do it, let us discuss first so we don’t double up.

If you do end up doubling up submitting your website to 10 services all trying to register it with google you will be penalised, google will do the opposite of what you were hoping for and exclude you (for a while). At the end of the day it is better to not at all submit your site to search engines then doing it 10 times. The bottom line is that search engines “crawl” the internet and invariably find new domains. Adding yours to their index brings the crawling action forward but does not change that it will happen. Your new website will take time to get found by the main search engines.

The next approach to SEO is to bring backlinks to your website. You achieve this by submitting to directories. There is one million directories online with the unique purpose to tap into this need. Search engines rank you higher because you receive back links. Be very choosy when it comes to doing so, submitting your details to 100 directories is not the right idea. Instead find directories truly relevant to your business and use those which have a reason for existence beyond backlinking. Use locally relevant directories and high quality ones.

The next thing you can do is to participate in an online conversation related to your business. If your business is selling dog collars you identify the top blog about keeping dogs as pets relevant to your location. Easily found it will have to be the blog that appears at the top of the search results when you find it and have thousands of members. Become a member yourself and in your member profile you put your link and a description of what it is that your business offers. And then you start contributing with articles or answers to questions asked within that group. Help people with your knowledge, be on the blog daily and become an authority figure within that particular blog. You don’t write about what you sell or push for sales you just help. Every time you do so your link and product is visible to all looking at that blog. This is one of the best ways to bring real and relevant traffic to your website – but it is also daily work. The idea of quickly doing some SEO and turning your cheap website into a million dollar business is a myth.

Spend your efforts on the content of your website. All your effort. With SEO what you are trying to do is to bring additional visitors to your domain despite not being a well known and big traffic volume website. The only permanent way to address this question is to BECOME the website which search engines prefer and look for. And they prefer and look for text content and lovely pictures, they evaluate the quantity of text content and look for keywords placed within it. The only way therefore to turn a cheap website you buy into a roaring business is to add new text and articles on a daily basis. Make it your goal to write something on your website every single day. We provide you with the tools to do it, even with the very cheap website deal we offer you receive your own administrative login which allows you to add text and even pages to your website.

Let no week go by without adding text. Write articles, better describe your product, write product reviews, provide user guidelines, it does not matter much what exactly you provide as long as you write new text containing the key words you want to be found with. Oh and don’t go out and copy other people’s articles. It’s not even about copyright, but search engines automatically filter out and punish for text which is not unique.

What you want to do is to create a business website which serves your customer and the only way this can be done is through relevant information. Create a website useful for your potential customers for that is what the Search Engines are looking for. If you do so your site will also get shared and start to be referenced which creates real back links improving your rating. After doing the very basics which we do for you for free with any cheap website we suggest that you know your keywords to put in your text and simply focus on building your website content.

I want to do SEO myself for my Cheap Website

We will be happy to provide you with professional standard tools to do your SEO yourself. Free of charge with every cheap website We can provide you with tools placed within your administrative panel of your domain which allow you to change key words and evaluate SEO performance of your website without doing any coding and without having to call your web designer. We only provide these tools upon request, they require an understanding of SEO and may confuse if you have no idea what they are. Simply let us know as we get started and you will have them.

Marketing a Business Website with Social Media

Social Media is still all the craze when it comes to online marketing. Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking about marketing your new website and business using Social Media. Social Media marketing can indeed be very powerful, but this very much depends on your specific circumstances. Before you consider investing time into a social media platform to promote your business – ask yourself about your own personal use of that platform. A few times now we have heard from first time social media users wanting to harness the power for their business. The truth is if you have no pre-existing relationship with a social media it will not work for you. If however you use your preferred Social Media on a regular basis and have a genuine network with lots of active friends, then you can easily and successfully bring in your business proposal.

However starting out for the first time on a social media platform uniquely hoping to promote a business is a rocky path and can end up looking fake or unprofessional if you only check messages once in a while and have no content to add on a regular basis. If this is your situation having a professional business website will bring much more business your way in the long run. In any search engine results facebook pages take second place to individual business websites. Social Media can connect you very well for sure but it cannot promote your professional image and target your customers online in the way even a cheap website can do.