Even buying one of my cheap website offerings your online presence is always professionally hosted on Australian Servers on super-fast Sydney Dell servers with firewalls.  The Server Hardware is 15kms outside the Sydney CBD. Daily backups are performed and one never has to worry about a single user using all the server’s resources and slowing your website down – CloudLinux ensures that the server resources are distributed evenly.

If you read my introduction you will know that I am a Sole Trader and run a single person business. This is a big advantage for I can offer you professional work yet a cheap website because no managers nor an delivery organisation other than me needs to be paid. However when it comes to hosting and domain names the rules are different. I am not running a backyard server for you in my cellar but my customer websites are all professionally hosted in environments which are 24/7 managed, climate controlled, backed up and mirrored, managed by a professional organisation. I have worked with the same Australian hosting provider for many years and have never experienced any problems. This is the quality that I want to bring to all my customer projects and it is always included even with every cheap website I sell.

Domain Name Ownership

With any of my cheap website offerings a domain name of your choice is inclusive of the pricing structure and the registration of the domain will take place in your name and will be legally yours. Some web design companies register your chosen domain name in their name, I always register your domain name in your name. You should always make sure as you buy a website that the domain will be registered in your name. You do not want to run the risk of having to purchase your domain from your web designer should you decide to move on to a new provider. Some web design companies have become a little too creative and charge an “exit fee” to sell you the domain if you no longer want to use their services. An unsavory practice. Should somebody try to sell you your own domain name for whatever reason, first of all check on whois to what name exactly it is registered.  If your name is on the record you can simply claim it and need not pay any fees never mind who is asking. To me it is the obvious courtesy and business practice to properly register your chosen domain in your name and against your ABN registration if you have one. This way you can rest easy knowing that your online address is really yours to do with as you please even beyond being my website customer.

Business Domain Scam Alert

Recently I have encountered individuals who are actively taking over business domains and try to extort money for returning the domain to you so you can run your business website. Be aware of these type scams. The recently encountered scam starts off with the domain scammer calling small companies or tradies on the phone telling them that their domain name is in danger of being lost and that it can be recovered by some or other expensive process which he offers to provide as a service. Beware that this is a scam. What is really happening is that the domain name scammer probably uses yellow pages to find active businesses and clicks on their business website links – until they find an inactive one. Then they call with the above message to find out whether you still want your domain to run a website. Once they know you are interested in maintaining a website on this domain but forgot to renew – only then do they register it in your name and sell it back to you pretending to have saved your lost domain. In the experienced example the domain costs $9 and the scammer was trying to sell it to its rightful owner for $130.

Should you be in the unfortunate situation that somebody is trying to charge you money to simply give you back your domain which is already registered in your name you can look up on whois  who the registrar of the domain is (the underlying service provider) and you will also find the right contact details on the same search tool. Contact the registrar directly and identify yourself as the rightful domain owner and the domain name account will be returned to you and taken away from whoever it is trying to extort a “domain recovery fee” from you. Such a fee simply does not exist, either a domain is registered in your name or not.

Your Choice of Domain Name with every Cheap Website

As you purchase one of my website options it is your choice whether you want a domain or a .com or any other domain you are allowed to legally own in your name. As long as it is available consider it included with your cheap website. If you are an Australia based business the appropriate domain type to register is and alternatively which was originally created specifically for online businesses but has been used by all types of business entities in recent years. If you do not target an international customer base I recommend to stay away from .com domains. If you run a small business providing services to the Brisbane community in Queensland – why would you opt for a domain which does not identify this? I will certainly register any domain you please for you but it is clearly best practice to use your domain to help your website be found in the correct environment in which you find your customers. All of my cheap website packages are priced for a duration of 1 or 2 years and all domain name registrations are also done for the same period.