Ideal for professional website needs with 3 to 5 functionalities we offer this competitive option at $1,000 for 2 years A functionality is for example a web shop, a booking platform, interactive calendar, a team sharing and cooperation platform, newsletter functions or the like.

Our cheap websites have a huge range of possible functions, let us know what you are after to confirm that the Cheap Website Team can deliver your desired solution. All of these functionalities come with a Back-End Administration tool at your disposal to maintain the content of the functionalities, for example to maintain the products and manage stock levels in your web store. Contact Us to confirm whether this professional choice meets your requirements. This cheap website option covers most of what a small to medium enterprise could wish for, if you need more functions we will be happy to custom quote your web site.

Get Your Business Website Started – BUY NOW

  • Professionally Designed Website
  • Created by an Experienced Web Design Team based in Queensland
  • Hosted in a 24/7 managed Server Center based in Australia
  • Inclusive of Domain Name of your choice
  • Your website will look the way you want it to look, it will be worked on until you approve it
  • Your website comes with three to five functionalities of your choice (for example an e-commerce store a blog, a newsletter function or the like)
  • You will receive your own administrative backend login to your website allowing you to make changes any time of the day without incurring extra costs. (many companies make their $$ by charging for every small change you ask for. Change it for free yourself)
  • Your website will be fully responsive adapting to all size devices, from mobile phones to tablets and computer screens allowing all types of customers to view a perfect site
  • Your website is secured with Free SSL bringing better security for customer data so customers are more secure in adding their payment information or the like. Dedicated SSL certificates are available on request at cost
  • Your website will be set up within one week of receipt of payment and provisioning of your text content, photographic content and keyword definitions which we are happy to help you evaluate in the setup phase.
  • Your cheap website will have as many pages as you can provide content for
  • Inclusive is the integration social media into your website
  • Cheap Website will work with, adapt and amend all photos and logos and visual art you can provide to create the best outcome for your website. If you cannot, our team will use our own visual art collection to create the web design elements needed
  • This cheap website offer includes a basic free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service

Cheap Website Value with 3 to 5 Functionalities – BUY NOW

  • Included is web design, hosting, SSL, basic SEO and a Domain Name
  • There is no extra cost for hosting, it is included
  • Small changes like you address, phone number or text changes are always free. For larger changes any future amendments to the design or anything else (after the setting up phase) will be quoted or charged per hour. Remember – you can change text for free any time and administrate functions like online shops for free. Costs will only occur if you want the website itself changed

Cheap Website Search Engine Optimisation

The included Basic Search Engine Optimisation consists of submission of your domain name to all major search engines and top directories. It also includes the on-site implementation of a Key Word concept matching your content text, an XML sitemap readable for search engines, an optimised robots file and meta (title) tags implemented.

If you wish for more we recommend to purchase our SEO package with your website deal. We will tailor the SEO activities to your needs. Typically it involves keyword texting and setting your website up with google webmaster console implementing all the google side SEO steps possible including the integration with adwords campains.

Cheap Websites for Clubs and small NFP Organisations

Are you a local Club looking for better ways to work together? Are you tired of too many meetings with too little achieved taking up all your time? An online collaboration platform might be a useful choice for you. This is a website which equips you with the ability to work together outside of meetings or with a lot less meetings. Within the scope of this $1,000 cheap website deal is not only a website for your club to promote yourself but a protected member area where you can upload and share documents like minutes and much more.

Available are various project management tools, wiki structures to keep all your club knowledge together and much more. It is even possible to set up member voting structures so you club may be able to reach decisions without meeting in a physical location.

What exactly are your needs, the processes you want to have more efficient? Are you filling in too many paper forms? They can all be online, filled in and completed online and available to you to view anytime. Tell the cheap website team about your needs because this $1,000 deal includes a lot of customization possibilities. The potential functions include but are only limited by what can be asked for:

  • Online Calendars
  • Online ballots and voting
  • Newsletters to visually customize and send to your mailing list. Management of the same mailing list including the option for your website visitors to sign up to your newsletter
  • Wiki structures to archive your club files. Never loose the minutes again
  • Online accounting structures are available. It is possible to do your accounting from within the protected login area visible to your defined members. Give your treasurer permission to use the online accounting and your president and secretary visibility of the ongoing accounts overview
  • Project Management functionalities including the assigning of tasks to members, overview and more
  • Document Upload and Repository functions
  • Member Login area with full members sign up processes, approval structures and avatars
  • A Back End Login on your domain allowing you to manage any of the implemented functions without talking to your websdesigner (me)

Use the opportunity to take your club working together to a new level, engage your members more efficiently and more regularly. And if this scope of a working together environment is too much, if you just need a website I will happily create one for you through a cheap website deal.

Showcase and Portfolio Websites

Do you need a website to showcase your work? This type of website is tailored to help you put your showcase or portfolio to the public. Functions include advanced image galleries and capturing image slider options providing a very polished user experience making it as engaging as possible for others to learn about your work.

If you are after a one time setup the cheap website deal can be your showcase or portfolio website pending on the number of functionalities you start with. We find that our customers wanting a showcase portal have more advanced and often ongoing design needs. They are excellent administrators of the solutions we create for them but they always want an extra design or function element as we go along.  In this case we recommend purchasing this $1,000 website option giving you all the flexibility you want to tweak your project along the way.

Cheap Website with Room Booking Functionalities for Motels

If you are operating a Motel or other accommodation offerings your website is an absolutely central point of business. The smart Motel operator makes his choice of business website work for him. Our website offerings include a range of possible reservation management systems. Before implementing your website we will evaluate which booking calendar is the best option for yourself. Gone are the days where all you could run was a simple inquiry form asking for a call back.

With this $1,000 offer we can implement your own reservation management system letting you take control of your bookings from your computer or mobile phone anywhere you go by connecting to your website. We will set up your reservation system to reflect all your available rooms or accommodation options. A calendar system will keep track of the bookings and make sure there are no double bookings.

  • Every time a customer books a room he will be notified by email of the pending booking and the accommodation manager will be notified to approve the booking which can be done from a phone or any device
  • You simply approve the pending booking and the confirmation email will be sent to your guest automatically
  • Set up and manage your own email templates to maintain a professional communication standard with your clients
  • Manage your own room pricing structure, implement seasonal pricing, room types, minimum numbers of stay and discount structures
  • View your calendar overview for all your rooms
  • Let potential visitors check room availability through your website
  • Manage or take payments and deposits

Presenting your visitor which such advanced functionality gives you an edge, makes your motel business website look professional and it automates inquiries you would be handling by phone. Maybe it is time to throw away your paperback book in which you write down all the bookings and make use of the advanced electronic options presented to you by your new cheap website.

Advanced Cheap Websites for Local Schools

Is your school making the most of what a website can do for your specific needs? How many parent inquiries could be directed to you website rather than receiving phone calls holding up your staff? Is it not time to reconsider how your online presence can enable your school. Here are some of the functions which can be included with your cheap website option.

  • Unlimited Pages for text including the ability to amend your own content
  • Password protected areas for users like students or parents
  • A news and announcement function or a board. Simply add any news you have to your website – instantly
  • Video Sharing function – add the power of video messages from your website to your school community
  • Calendar function. Advanced functionalities including bookings for your individual needs
  • Photo Album or archive
  • Online Forms for all inquiries. Control a range of fully customized forms to handle communication through your website
  • Manage Email lists and easily use them communicating with your school community
  • Online student assignments
  • Polling system tailored to your need
  • Donations options
  • Handling and administrating of your publications

What is it that you expect for your new school website? We find that most requirements of a local school can be covered with our $1,000 cheap website deal taking your school community into a new era of communication.

Cheap Website For Private Communication

Do you need a place for private communication, a platform where your friends and family or business partners can meet and communicate? The Cheap Website Team can set up a variety of potential communication solutions for you directly on your website. Normally for such an environment we would create a password and SSL protected environment. You administrate the users allowed to receive a log in to your website and the scope of their service access. The available communication options are the same you can receive from large corporate providers, starting with video conferencing, chat, document exchange, video exchange, messaging – you name it, if it exists it can be implemented on your own website under your own control. What exactly are your communication needs through your website? One of our $1,000 cheap website deals will see you equipped with a multi function professional and private communication environment.

Cheap Websites for Local Government

A local government website is an example of a website service which would be quoted on an individual basis with costs relating to both the complexity of the required solutions as well as the defined support scenario. A Local Government Website is an important part of Council’s business however we still see throughout current websites that the true potential of what a web presence can do for Council’s business operations is not being realized. A well rounded Local Government Website is no longer just about publishing governance, news and Council minutes but about integrating smart functionalities better serving your community as well as enabling your own staff while bringing you better community engagement functionality.

  • Fully customized Service Request Submission Forms including the ability to amend them as needs develop
  • Complete Digital Newsletter including layout management and design options through your website functionality. Including subscription management and self sign up functions
  • Rich Survey Options to directly engage your community through your website. No longer send out survey monkey links or those of similar services, keep all survey and data managed on your own website.
  • Completely open possibility to manage any and or all forms directly online using direct entry methods and digital signatures allowing the collection of usable data instead of paper based forms
  • Custom tailored community grants application process handled directly from your Local Government Website. Is your Council handing out money to the community? Is your customer service constantly printing and handing out those forms? Take it to the next level with a completely digital community grants application process through your domain
  • A sophisticated online polling system on your own website allowing direct queries into your local community
  • Tender Management System
  • Road Condition Report update function
  • Complaints Management Processes

Our conclusion is that a lot of Councils in Queensland have expensive websites with not too many functionalities. Are you interested in a cheap website option which will give your staff full control in administrating your chosen solutions directly through a professional back end panel? Contact Cheap Website for your tailor made quotation.

Cheap Websites for Corporate Organisations

Corporations still pay a huge sums to their web design providers. With the increasing availability of out of the box functions and complex website to business process integration possibilities these large expenditures cannot really be justified anymore. Are you a corporate organisation looking for a cheap website option? We will be very happy to provide you with a custom quote to match your needs.

Once your cheap website presence has been established we will work with your staff to ensure a full understanding of the available administrative capabilities in your hands to tailor, update, maintain and communicate through your website.

In addition to this the Cheap Website Team is available to explore the exact level of support required by your corporation to work in with your available in-house knowledge. Make your next online presence a more professional yet cheap website choice to bring your business up to date.