The following terms and conditions apply to all standard website packages sold through & by by Pascal Kellenberg, Sole Trader with ABN 25 560 756 150 and apply all business website options available. These Terms and Conditions also apply to all custom website projects unless specifically quoted differently.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

All efforts are undertaken to provide our customers with the highest service availability. All websites are professionally hosted in environments which are 24/7 managed, climate controlled, backed up and managed by a professionals. All website change requests are usually handled within 24 hours of receipt of request.

  1. Your website is professionally hosted in a 24/7 Australian based server environment assuring continuous availability for your website.
  2. No guaranteed Service Level agreement is part of this agreement, no financial penalties are offered should the service experience an outage
  3. The customer agrees that under this agreement it is not possible to claim damages nor loss of income because your website experienced an interruption, no matter the cause nor responsibility of the loss of service.
  4. SLA (Service Level Agreement) based services are available on individual quotation request, unless the contract entered specifically reflects such an agreement the service sold includes no agreed upon service level.

If your business relies on guaranteed availability of service and cannot afford loss of service, please negotiate the required Service Level Agreement with us. The displayed standard service packages are financially aggressive, cheap websites and do not include SLA kickbacks.

Content Responsibility & Liability

The customer holds full responsibility of all website content. We are available to change content anytime and often we produce content to aid in website creation and promotion. It is the customers responsibility however to check and approve all text and photo content to assure it suits his needs and is appropriately worded. Sometimes terms like “guaranteed workmanship” may lead to third party claims. At we know all about webdesign but we do not know your business. Under this agreement the customer agrees he has understood his responsibility in regard to text content and indemnifies and hold harmless from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of incorrect or inappropriate website content.

Scope of Service

  1. You are buying an all inclusive cheap website service and design package which includes your own domain name as well as hosting. No refunds can be given for early termination of your service, no price reduction can be provided for bringing your own domain name service or hosting
  2. Your website comes inclusive of being set up until you are happy with it. Once you have agreed to your website being complete and you are happy using the tools available to you, if you request further services this will be at extra cost, either as per custom quotation or at the current hourly rate. We always inform our customers before billable costs are incurred. Within reason – Infrequent small text/photo changes will not be invoiced
  3. Your website will only be developed upon receipt of full payment.
  4. You are responsible for providing the content for your website both in terms of photos and text content.

Service Renewal

Your website service package is priced for 1 or 2 years, depending on your choice. Renewal of your service is guaranteed at the same low price for the next 1 or 2 years according to your choice. It will again include the same scope of creating a completely new website (if required) or continue with the same website. It will again include Domain and Hosting unless you prefer to provide your own.

Domain Name Ownership

You are the owner of your domain. Should you choose to terminate services with us, the domain will be transferred to a provider of your choice; you will not be issued with any termination invoice other than what is charged by domain name registrars. All domain registration undertaken by us are made using your name and ABN details. If you choose to maintain your own Domain Name account, you are responsible for the timely renewal of your domain.