Although we primarily provide web design meaning programming and coding, we also provide visual design elements to support webdesign. Cheap Website has a large collection of visual arts elements which we use as a basis to cover everything needed for your website. We use professionally made yet free stock photos which come with the appropriate public use licence and amend them to your specific need – the only way to deliver a cheap website with high quality photos, else costs would have to increase.

A professional Photographer for your Cheap Website

Depending on what you wish to achieve with your online presence it may be of value to engage a professional photographer. Over many years we have worked with the same Brisbane based photography business. Not only is he an excellent photographer but he fully understands the webdesign specific photography requirements. Please let me know if you are in the Brisbane area and you wish to engage a professional for your website related photography and we will create a custom quotation including both your webdesign and photography needs. You can of course always directly approach my  photography partner, simply visit his website to get an impression of the work being done. Besides photography he also offers acrylic, canvas and metal prints.

Cheap Website will be very happy to use your visuals, those are the best. Maybe you have a professional brochure you want us to use as a basis to create your website. Any material you have for us to use, please send it through by email upon purchase of your website. Please send the material you have in its original size, the large files rather than the small ones. We will certainly adapt them for internet use but the better the starting quality the more effective the look of your cheap website will be. Any of the regular file formats like jpg, png and the like work fine, so do any photoshop files (PSD).

There is a lot of design questions you may want to consider. With any of our cheap website options we aim to please and your design is always inclusive with your website purchase. If you have no input on design that is perfectly fine just tell us to run with it. We will simply put together a draft look and feel for your web page and you have a look and tell us where to go from here. At all times we will present you with contemporary good looking designs which we choose for their ability to adapt to any size screen serving all devices from mobile to tablet and computer. If you have a logo send it through to us. If you don’t do you want us to create one for you? Maybe you need one to put into your invoices and letters as well.

Or maybe you know exactly what you want and you will send us your logo and a brochure to match your website and your exact layout specifications, your preferred fonts, whatever is of importance to you. Anything you have for the Cheap Website Team we will gladly use and any wish can be accommodated and is inclusive part of all our cheap website deals.

Photos are a really important part of your new website. Even a cheap website will look amazing with the right photos. As mentioned we have and use a gallery of professional quality stock photos which we can apply to your website. Much better are photos you took yourself. Any photos showing off what it is that you do. Please send us photos of your physical business location, your workshop, your office space, your production lines and everything else. Send us too many photos please so we have some choice and can build a nice gallery. Your customers love seeing actual photos of the business they deal with.

If you don’t have any photos at hand, please take some. Most of us carry fine cameras around in form of our mobile phones. You don’t need to be a photographer to take some shots to get us started on designing your online profile. Maybe you already had a photographer doing work for you, if so lets use his work for your website.

The Cheap Website Team cannot wait to get started creating your online presence for you. To choose the right size website deal for you please have a look through the cheap website options we offer by clicking on the menu. If none of the options are for you ask us for a free custom quote. Thank you for your interest.

Content Writing for your Cheap Website

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We consider text to be part of your visual layout, an empty website looks incomplete, a website without text holds no value to your customers nor will it bring you business. We understand how to make a cheap website look like a million $$ but in the long run it will make no difference if relevant and sufficient content is not added. Content is not just a visual issue, if there is nothing much to be found on your website you will not be found through Search Engines.

Some of our customers struggle with content writing or maybe they really hate doing it. As we set up your cheap website we will create the visual arts framework for you to fill in with your message. If you want us to produce the text content itself please ask for a quote for doing so. Our quotes are held at $20 per hour for any of these services we offer or you can purchase a SEO package with the focus on keyword content creation. We suggest to then put some time aside and discuss the content of your website so you can tell us about all aspects of what you want written. We truly believe you should be writing your own content, after all it is your business we are talking about and it is your words which sell the service or product you are taking to the market – you are the one with all the experience selling it. Therefore if you cannot find the time to write the things you want to find on your cheap website lets put some time aside for you to give us your best sales pitch and we have a starting point to develop the content. We will take it from there until we have a nice content rich website put together.

The good news is that more content can be added anytime and we very much suggest doing so. Once your cheap website has been fully designed we will provide you with an administrative login through which you can add as much extra text as you like. As part of your marketing planning we suggest to regularly write a small article, expand on a specific piece of information of value to your potential customer and put it on your website. A live, developing website which sees more text added on a regular basis will be far more successful. The continuous adding of text is what search engines are looking for. Having added nothing to your domain name for a year will start to affect how often it is found. Every one of our cheap websites we sell offers you the option of adding text anytime for free by yourself!

Why Do You Need a Cheap Website?

Why does a business need a website? Why do I need to spend money on a website? After all being a small business owner I already have enough on my plate, I really don’t need to add the expense and effort to run a website – even a cheap website!

In the end, you have to ask yourself how you would behave trying to find the right service to purchase. Would you be turning on your phone or tablet or computer and search the internet to make an informed choice before buying a product or service?  Well if you don’t there is around 2,5 billion people who use the internet on a daily basis and over 90% of these people have made an online purchase in the last 12 months and contacted sellers and service providers to learn more about their offering. Can you afford not to have a website? It is simply essential, particularly for a small or start up business to have an online presence. You don’t need to spend a fortune, you can get a cheap website which looks professional and does the job for you without breaking your wallet. The upside of having a website when you run a small business are huge. It is the simple most biggest advantage in turning the table in your favor compared to the big company competition you encounter when competing for business. Looking at a well designed website nobody can see just how big your organisation is. It is the modern day equivalent of the impressive office tower you take your clients to.

Having a website is an excellent way of gaining business credibility. Your reputation is incredibly important for survival. Yes, you want your existing customers, friends and your local community to recommend your services to help you market yourself. However you cannot afford to have those people looking for your service and your business and not finding you online. Once you have the chance to make a sale, you need to have a professional looking website assuring the potential customer that he is dealing with a serious business partner. Ultimately a professional looking website is a very simple way of boosting your reputation and business credibility. It even makes things easier when dealing with potential investors or banks.

Facebook doesn’t cut it – (sorry facebook, we don’t mean no harm). Many small business owners think facebook will do the trick – why would I need a website. The truth is you cannot differentiate your offering successfully even with a lovely facebook page. The large numbers of people who use social media sites mean they can be a great way of accessing new customers. But for a small business, it is often very difficult to cut through the noise.  Don’t be deceived into thinking that your business is reaching a large audience just because Facebook has a large number of users.

Take the chance to Showcase your Product or Service. A website is foremost an excellent platform to show how you are better than your competition to point out your unique selling points. Very often customers simply buy on the basis of pricing information and they lack information about quality and scope of the service they are about to purchase. Maintaining your online presence will enable your potential customers and engage new sales. Showcase the work you have already done, display photos of it and have a collection of satisfied customer references. Such elements will do the sales for you.

Practice 24/7 Customer Communication. You cannot keep your physical doors open for 24 hours a day, but your online shop can do it! Your cheap website will be informing customers about your business in your dreams. By having a blog or even just a simple feed on your website, you can update customers on your newest offers, promotions, events, products – anything you need to communicate your website is the place to do it.

You are in luck for you have found the website provider of the cheapest professional looking websites you will find anywhere in Australia. View some of our recent work samples to get an idea of what we can do for you. Purchase one of the available standard packages in the Shop to get started or contact us to discuss your needs and find out how a cheap website can work for you.