A custom tailored Search Engine Optimisation Service developed based on your needs and specific wishes, ranging from content writing keyword texting, google console and adwords integration to creating back links and online entries.

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A simple SEO Service is included as you purchase any of my cheap website package. Your domain will be submitted to the major search engines, a select few directories and a keyword concept will be followed.

Advanced Additional SEO Service Options

Option 1 – $300This Search Engine Optimisation Service for your Cheap Website is sold in two options. Option one is a one off service getting you started including the setting up of Google Search Console, Adwords campaign, Site Map and domain verification, maps, google profiles, products and customer review setup on google. It also includes an advanced Keyword Concept and Texting on your website. This service can be customised to your needs
Option 2 – $900 – includes everything Option 1 does except it is not a one time service but an ongoing service for the duration of your website package service monitoring and reacting to the performance of your website using Google Search Console and on site software

The basic truth is that Search engines look for text content and the key words which occur in that text. There is not much point doing off site SEO activities like submitting your site to various directories and blogs if there is not much unique and keyword relevant text content on your website. Also – if you do have a lot of relevant and unique text on your website, activities like directory entries are not needed.

That is why our Cheap Website SEO service has its focus on content creation and generally on your needs. Often our customers send us text in the form of articles or studies or they define the scope of the text which they envisage. We then from this base create unique content for your website containing the agreed upon keywords with which you want to be found in google and co.

Upon purchase of an SEO service we will discuss in detail how the service will be applied in your case to suit your needs. This may include helping you to set up your google adwords campaign, to integrate your website with google console and google maps or similar activites.